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North Dallas Home Remodeling & Home Repairs
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North Dallas Remodeler, Handyman, Installer, Repairman, and Roofer. Your commercial or residential redesign, repair, or installation job will be completed quickly and at an affordable price.

Consumer Affairs – Flooring

Consumer Affairs Flooring | Handyman McKinney 469-714-3171When choosing where to purchase your flooring, Consumer Affairs advises that you consider one with a long history of manufacturing excellence and widespread distribution throughout your area. Also, be sure the company stands behind its flooring with multi-year warranties against defects and premature wear.

How To Prep Your House for Summer Hazards

How To Prep Your House for Summer Hazards | Handyman McKinney 469-714-3171Summer is a great time of year for outdoor activities! Unfortunately, like all seasons, summer does come with its own risks. From scorching temperatures to disease-carrying pests, there are seasonal hazards to watch out for. Luckily, you can take steps to prepare your home and reduce your chances of running into problems!

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